Wedding Party

Lyla Reuter--Sister of the Bride

Matron of Honor

As the bride's older sister, asking her to be Matron of Honor was an easy choice! Lyla's lovable personality, warm hugs, and contagious laugh bring out the best in everybody. These sisters may live far apart, but their relationship is closer than ever. Ariel is honored to have Lyla stand right by her side on the big day, and throughout her whole life!

Demitri Dedousis--Friend of the Groom

Best Man

Demitri and Colin met on the very first day of freshman year at Cornell, as next-door floormates. Their many shared values and interests have led to fun times and engaging conversations of all sorts, at all hours of the day and night. Demitri's the kind of person who can always be relied upon or confided in, and it's an honor to have him as Best Man.

Monica Herrera--Friend of the Groom

Wedding Party

Colin and Monica also met in their freshman dorm, where her kindness and genuineness made her stand out. Whether intramural volleyball, dinner conversation, or econ lecture, their time together is always well spent. That Colin and Monica both lived in NYC for the last 5 years enabled them to further and deepen their friendship, right up through the present day.

Stephanie Kuhn--Friend of the Bride

Wedding Party

Ariel and Stephanie bonded at UW Madison over their similarities: they both moved to Madison from Appleton, are former employees of Festival Foods, and love traveling! They also both started their online dating journeys together, supported and encouraged each other...and found their significant others!

Renee Matuszewski--Friend of the Bride

Wedding Party

Ariel and Renee have known each other since...forever! (At least, that's what 17 years feels like.) They met through Job's Daughters, traveled all over Wisconsin together, and even broke down a few times in Colorado. Through the good times, the hardships, and living in different states, it's easy to say that Renee and Ariel are more than friends, they're sisters.

Theresa Munson--Friend of the Bride

Wedding Party

Ariel and Theresa met through mutual friends in NYC, and have been close ever since! Their friendship has taken them to explore many parts of NYC, from great brunch spots to beautiful beach days. Ariel loves spending quality time with Theresa, who is a great listener, advice giver, and all around great friend!

Naomi Raymond--Sister of the Groom

Wedding Party

In baby pictures, Colin and Naomi are indistinguishable... what happened?? They have a relationship that's usually lighthearted but they can rely on each other to discuss more serious things as well. Naomi's presence always brings a unique energy and creativity, which complements Colin's more numerical and scientific mindset. Colin is delighted to have her involved!

Vanessa Rivera--Friend of the Bride

Wedding Party

One chance meeting 8 years ago in Brisbane, Australia led Ariel and Vanessa to forge an inter-continental friendship. With sharing music obsessions (like Sheppard, Passenger, and A Great Big World), making late night/early morning Skype dates, and visiting with each other in NYC, Hawaii, and Australia, these girls have grown closer and closer over the years!

Sarah Sager--Friend of the Bride

Wedding Party

Sarah and Ariel met as WISE women in their UW Madison freshman dorm, but their shared fondness of geology, New York City, and the Green Bay Packers keeps their friendship strong. Sarah's optimism and happy disposition are what Ariel loves about her, and is glad to have such a loving friend stand up with her on the big day!

Jocelyn Sessa--Friend of the Couple


Jocelyn was Ariel's instructor for her graduate course in paleontology, and soon after became a mentor and close friend. Their shared interests in the PETM, rock climbing, and beer have been a source of enjoyment for the last six years. Jocelyn has gotten to know Ariel and Colin as a couple, and they are so glad to have one of their close friends marry them!

Eric Reuter--Brother-in-Law of the Bride


Married to Lyla, Eric's fun-loving personality is what Ariel loves about her brother-in-law, and will serve him well as an usher. Ariel and Colin are delighted to have him share in their special day!