Our Story

Ariel's Story

Ariel was born in Green Bay, WI, and grew up a Green Bay Packers fan. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and majored in geology. After graduation, she decided to pursue a career in Secondary Earth Science Education and that brought her all the way out to New York City! She attended a Master of Arts in Teaching Program at the American Museum of Natural History. Upon graduation, she first taught in high school, but then made the transition to middle school and was glad she did!

Colin's Story

Colin was born in Burlington, VT but moved to Ithaca, NY at age 5. Colin's interests in science and the outdoors led him to study meteorology at Cornell University, where he was also able to cheer on his favorite hockey team. He recently completed his PhD in climate at Columbia University in NYC, following which he was offered his current research position in Southern California.

How We Met

On the platform OKCupid, Ariel saw Colin's profile and was intrigued by his username AtmosGuyNY. She messaged him and they discovered they shared interests in travel, being outdoors, and earth science. This began an in-depth series of exchanges that led to their first meeting on December 6, 2015, exploring the public gardens and unusual street art in Manhattan's Lower East Side -- a date they will remember forever.

The Proposal

To summarize it poetically:

He whisked her away as a weekend surprise
Where everything was secret and cut right to size
They went to the mountains and saw beautiful views
With railroad bikes, steamboats, and gondolas too
To top off a weekend full of love and affection
He gave her a new rock to add to her collection
September 30, 2018

What Ariel thought would be a weekend visiting Colin's family turned out just to be the two of them. Colin took Ariel to a cute cabin in the Adirondacks and surprised her with a weekend full of fun activities. Saturday was filled with a railroad bike ride, hike around a quiet lake, and a steamboat ride on Lake George. All day, Ariel had her suspicions and was thinking, "Is this it?? Is this the proposal weekend?!", but kept these thoughts to herself.

Then on Sunday, before leaving the area, Colin took Ariel up to Gore Mountain, to see the scenic views of the Adirondacks. It's in this place, at a beautiful scenic point at the top, that Colin hugged Ariel, looked around, and with his heartbeat racing, said to Ariel, "Before we go, I want to take a picture with this special camera." He pulled out a cardboard box (drawn to look like a digital camera) from his pocket, opened the box, and kneeled down before Ariel. She doesn't even remember hearing him ask, "Will you marry me??" but screamed "YESS!!" immediately! They embraced and shouted from the mountaintop "We're getting married!"

Where are we now?

In July 2019, Colin and Ariel left the East Coast to explore new opportunities way out West! Colin now works for the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, and Ariel teaches 7th grade science. We are excited to celebrate with everyone in fall 2021!